Too Many Tamirs…another black boy shot while playing with a toy.

“Let me be very clear: When unarmed people are shot (especially when they are killed), I am uninterested in any excuses. Tamir Rice was a child and probably completely terrified when the officers pulled up on him, and probably unsure of how to react (though they did not give him a lot of time for that, anyway). I recognize that Dedric Colvin, like the now-deceased Walter Scott, ran from the officer(s), who identified themselves to him. Running away from someone is not a capital offense, i.e., it is not punishable by death in a court of law, and it should not be so on the street, either. And with the over-policing of black and minority neighborhoods, the war on drugs, and America’s past and present police brutality, who could blame them for running?”

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