Stop Donating To Charity

The saga continues, y’all! Head over to Medium to read my newest account of HONY’s problematic elements!

“American rhetoric largely demonizes those who are poor and impoverished, because we tend to think their situation stems from personal choices, rather than systemic disenfranchisement. We tend to look at the socioeconomically disadvantaged as lazy, rather than overworked, underpaid, and struggling, so that we can justify cutting funding for some schools, some government assistance, and leaving those people to fend for themselves.”

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3 thoughts on “Stop Donating To Charity

  1. Really good philosophy! The values that the system fosters such as individualism and selfishness are aimed at legitimating the vast structural inequality directly caused by the structure of the socio-economic system. The solution to the problem therefore be structural and attack the very root of the problem which involves the rules of the game where Capital keeps reproducing at the expense of Laobur! Donating is not enough, it has never been enough! Good one 🙂

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  2. Again, very eloquently put.
    Also, the tone of HONY’s communication about this ‘project’ irked me a great deal, it made me very uncomfortable.

    A question out of interest – I always thought that the American tax system DOES indeed have wealthier people pay more income tax, that percentages increase the more you earn? It does work that way in The Netherlands (where I live). Also, I do have to say, I do think that should have a limit. Over here, we’re now at almost 50% income tax for the highest incomes. Which also means that somebody that earns significantly less ends up with about the same. Which isn’t fair either. Obviously, some differences between rich and poor are appalling. At the same time, complete levelling doesn’t work either and is unfair to people that do in fact work really hard and have big responsibilities and therefore make good money.

    But, that touches on only a small piece of your whole text and I couldn’t agree more with the overall message.


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