White people, your denial is the problem. Yes, really.

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Stop Donating To Charity

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“American rhetoric largely demonizes those who are poor and impoverished, because we tend to think their situation stems from personal choices, rather than systemic disenfranchisement. We tend to look at the socioeconomically disadvantaged as lazy, rather than overworked, underpaid, and struggling, so that we can justify cutting funding for some schools, some government assistance, and leaving those people to fend for themselves.”

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I’m scared, y’all.

I just want to say, without any exaggeration or hyperbole, that the continued and sustained killings of black people by police terrify me. I’m scared for people I know – my brother, my father, and friends – and I’m scared for those I don’t know.

There are already so many names that we shouldn’t know. Akai Gurley, Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Regina McBride – and the most recent Tony Hill and Anthony Robinson. But there are so many more.

I’ve never been one for respectability politics, but it’s never been more clear: when you’re black, it doesn’t matter what your name is, how you speak, your college admissions status, the way you dress, the good you’ve done; if only one person implies you’re belligerent, scary, large, or dangerous, it’ll stick. And your murder, regardless of how unnecessary it was, will be justified.

Just like that.

How does one counter that? And how does one get people who don’t care to care?

If it was done to me, or someone else you know, would you think twice about media character assassinations?
Would you care then?