“#AllLivesMatter”? Shut up.

Okay, seriously. Shut the fuck up with “All Lives Matter”.

All lives should matter. Intrinsically, all lives matter. But socially, psychologically, politically, philosophically, actually, all lives do not matter. Black people are disproportionately jailed and shot by the police, Muslims and Middle Eastern-looking people are looked at funny in airports and airplanes, gay and transgendered people are violently assaulted for their identities.

And there are so many more issues like these: people being feared, hated, killed, and not being respected, for their looks, beliefs and identities.

When we say “Black Lives Matter,” we are saying “Black lives matter, too,” not “Black lives matter more”

Black lives matter too, so you should care about police brutality.

Black lives matter too, so you shouldn’t demonize unarmed black victims in death, in a way you don’t even do for white perpetrators.

Black lives matter, despite the ongoing racism that so many would like to continue to deny and ignore.

And that’s what #AllLivesMatter does. It sweeps the real issue under the rug in a façade of humanism.

Just so you know, if you’re saying #AllLivesMatter in an attempt at silencing and refuting #BlackLivesMatter, you’ve outted yourself as a liar. Your hypocrisy is obvious.

I am not gay, transgendered, Muslim, an immigrant, or disabled, but I will say, without hesitation, that their lives matter.

If you cannot say, without any caveats, that Black Lives Matter, then you do not think All Lives Matter. Period. End of point.

Please try your hand actually proving that all lives matter, or shut the fuck up.


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