I’m on Medium!

Hello, friends!

I was asked to expand/follow-up on my situation with HONY a few months back as a part of the Culture Club collection on Medium.

Here’s a link to my story: https://medium.com/race-class/from-outrage-to-disgust-how-hony-exposes-our-continuing-racism-420201d6e0b7

and here’s a link to the entire collection: https://medium.com/race-class

Hope y’all enjoy!



One thought on “I’m on Medium!

  1. that teacher meant he/she didnt notice that parents care. that maybe they didnt feel ok letting him/her know about their dreams and hopes for their kids. that they didnt really believe that teacher cared. i dont. i’m white. stop thinking you can measure caring. they didnt do it your way. should have found another way. its not easy, but its not your call to decide who cares. you dont know how to get at it. we white folks really are to be trusted, generally.


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