C,P,&C is now on Twitter!!

You guys can now follow this blog on twitter!!

Come along with me, @chocopompcirc




2 thoughts on “C,P,&C is now on Twitter!!

  1. My question is; did you contact Brendon directly with your concerns about this particular photo and interview? To have a conversation directly with him? I did read your post and understand your argument, but hope that from what I have felt about HONY, the awareness of fellow human beings unlike yourselves, can thrive and help us all, despite bumps along the road.


    • Hello- I did indeed contact him directly as soon as I recognized that I was unable to make any more comments. I let him know the situation and that I planned on writing about it and that I was disappointed. He never responded.

      However, it isn’t the main point to me. I wanted to use my experience to talk about the larger issues of coded language and racism in society. It is not necessarily just about this teacher as an individual, so much as it is about the comments on HONY as well as on my own post below, which reflects a larger national dialogue about race, education, and the intersectionality of race, poverty, and education.


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